1-Ouverture Rouenllywood - 4’09’’

Otis Fodder recreate the album and Helena sets the tone

2-Lushy Life - 05’09’’

A gem composed by Kevin Coral

3-Le Château - 02’58’’

Kevin again (but who’s complaining?)

4-Comme une vidéo Star - 03’03’’

A ballad for  the age of delusional screen addicted people

5-La Forteresse de Solitude - 03’53’’

The loneliness of the true pop fan

6-The Girl who was talking in Reverse - 02’01””

J-Pop from Normandy

7-Just in Time - 03”24””

Time is a relative value

8-La Gourverneur de California - 03”15””

Sean O’Hagan carries us away

9-A Hollywood - 01”56””

Revenge is a cold TV dinner 

10-Me Voilà seul encore une fois (cover) - 03’50’’

JED has always loved Gilbert O’Sullivan

11-Claire (cover) - 03’13’’

More Gilbert

12-Hollywood Parties remix-04’03’’

A Faustian plot revealed

13-Hollywood Parties-03’49’’

Who remembers old parties ?